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Strike Group Inc. & TriWest Capital Partners
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  • We appreciate your commitment & leadership to safety. Our plant leaders felt Strike Group was the best contractor on site.
  • Excellent work building and installing our pipeline. The job was done with proficient organizational skills and one of the most professional jobs I have seen in a long time. The crew worked as a very well oiled and effective team. Congratulations on a job well done!
  • I continue to hear positive feedback about Strike Group.. not just internally- but from the industry as a whole. The comments are complimentary and pay tribute to who all of you are, what you stand for and the service you deliver.
  • It's great to know that we will have your crews with us all the way. I like what I'm hearing about Strike Group from the industry.
  • It is our intent to further our relationship with Strike Group because of the caliber of service you have shown us you are capable of.
  • Strike Group's quick response to stage manpower and equipment made the difference. You promised to deliver and you lived up to your word.
  • We have found your people to be very organized, professional and safety conscious, Great Job by all!
  • So very different these days to find a 'contractor with drive', so often you have to prod people along to get the job done, not so with Strike Group.
  • A prime example of teamwork ~ milestone achievements were accomplished by setting HPD Equipment, Valve Change outs, Millwrighting & Grouting........AND ALL COMPLETED SAFELY!
  • I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Strike Group and their sub contractors on a job well done. All the heavy lifts were well coordinated and 'most of all' the work was done safely. Despite all the obstacles and congestion the crew was well organized and worked as a team.
  • Recognized as one of Alberta's 50 Fastest Growing Companies
  • It's great that you were able to pull a new company together and produce right from the start. I was absolutely 100% satisfied with Strike Group, the personnel, the feel of the organization…all top notch.
  • Congratulations to Strike Group for stepping up to the plate to offer a much needed - value added service.
  • Strike Group has become our 'contractor-of-choice'.
  • Hats off to Strike Group. They are passionate about safety and the tailgate meetings were the best and most detailed I have ever participated in. The quality of work in the field was excellent.
  • Kudos to everyone on the valve changeout, and the exceptional shift Strike Group had!
  • I am sure Strike Group has a bright future in a very demanding industry. Please extend our sincere appreciation to your crew and all involved.
  • Strike Group took on a major role in our winter construction program because of our prior relationships. We know your management and their capabilities - and they didn't disappoint us.
  • Your attention to detail during the planning, deployment and execution made this project the most efficient project I have ever been involved in. Your entire crew showed a very professional attitude.
  • The Strike Group team came assembled with a reputation. You always knew how to get a job done.
  • You did a superb job on our project - let's keep the momentum rolling.
  • Great job to all at the site! I personally could not have asked to have had a better crew working on this project.