Mining & Agriculture

Your mining & agriculture operations are one of the bedrocks of the economy that help provide resources for Canada’s future. So when you need to outsource, put your confidence in experts you can trust.

We offer stand-alone or integrated service solutions as the Prime or General Contractor. Strike’s wide geographic footprint is able to support any project in Western Canada. Our experienced team will deliver your project with exceptional execution in mind.

Services we provide

A mining factory illuminating the area at dusk

What our clients are saying

Excellent work building and installing our pipeline. The job was done with proficient organizational skills and one of the most professional jobs I have seen in a long time. The crew worked as a very well oiled and effective team. Congratulations on a job well done!

— A Valued Strike Client

Since 2004

Canada Best Managed Companies 'Platinum member' since 2004.
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