Foster Creek Phase G Module Fabrication

Project Location

Bonnyville, AB

Strike Divisions

Project Services, Field Services, Electrical & Instrumentation

Project Overview

For this project Strike:

  • Constructed 52 modules for the main processing facility;
  • Provided a fully serviced fabrication ship / module yard;
  • Fabricated structural steel, pipe, fittings, flanges, spool detailing;
  • Fabricated and installation was required for the module piping systems including welding and bolt-up as per drawings and standards;
  • Supplied, fabricated and installed all pipe supports (shoes, guides, hanger rods, clamps, shims, etc;
  • Performed all work required to complete the modules including receive, inspect, handle and store all “free-issued” material supplied by customer;
  • Performed all inspections and tests as required by the codes, standards, specifications and the drawings in accordance with the responsible regulatory bodies, as well as completed all repair work;
  • Supplied and installed all test materials;
  • Hydro-tested all piping; and
  • Maintained all records required by customer.