Make a Difference Program

Strike Group's Make a Difference initiative logo.

One of Strike Group’s key strategic initiatives for 2020, and going forward, is to promote innovation and technology. Our Innovation Committee has designed a “Make a Difference” program that aligns with Strike’s Purpose Statement and these strategic initiatives.

This program provides a platform for gathering employee ideas, knowledge sharing throughout the company and offers a location to showcase those efforts both internally and externally to customers.

Check out our Make a Difference Program Video

How the Program Works

  1. Strike Up an Idea – Come up with an innovative idea that can help us to improve safety, morale, cost control, process or business development.
  2. Submit Your Idea – Write down your idea on an Innovation Observation Card (IOC) either online or by filling out a printed card.
  3. Innovation Team Review – The Innovation Committee will review all IOC’s on a monthly basis and follow up with those that provide submissions.
  4. Winners Chosen – Two winning ideas will be chosen quarterly; those people will get a prize and be eligible to win the annual grand prize!

Our team is excited to move forward, keep our competitive edge and Make a Difference at Strike!