Biomass Sustainable Aviation Fuel Modules

Project Location

Completed in Strike’s Crossfield Module Yard

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Project Overview

The project included the Fabrication and Construction of 33 modules for an alcohol-to-jet biorefinery for the supply of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to the aviation industry. This Pilot Project is the first Alcohol-to-Jet facility of its kind. Plant startup was expected in late 2022 and it will produce 10 million gallons per year of sustainable fuels and renewable diesel per year from sustainably sourced ethanol from rural communities. The facility is a massive step forward for the aviation industry’s decarbonization and the aggressive carbon emissions target to reach net-zero by 2050. The technology is uniquely able to produce up to 90% of its fuels as SAF, with the remaining 10% as renewable diesel. The modules were fabricated by Strike Group in Alberta, shipped to Ontario, and then finally shipped to their final resting spot at a Biorefinery in Georgia.

  • 33 Modules – 12’ D x 14’ W x 48’ H
  • 85,000 Manhours
  • 500,000 KG of Structural Steel Fabrication and Assembly
  • 48,000 Factored Diameter Inches of Carbon and Stainless Pipe Fabrication
  • 4,900 Meters of Pipe Installation, Coating, and Hydrotesting
  • Installation of Equipment – 45 Heat Exchangers, 8 Reactors, 2 Aerial Coolers, 26 Pump Packages, 25 Vessels, In-line Instruments