Didsbury Compressor Module Project

Project Location

Completed in Strike’s Crossfield Module Yard

Strike Divisions

Industrial Services

Project Overview

The Didsbury B7 Compressor Station Unit Addition Project consisted of installing a 30-megawatt (MW) Siemens SGT-A35-GT61 DLE turbine with an RFA-36 Compressor Unit, and auxiliary equipment. Primary scope of work for the unit addition was offsite modularization to enhance on site construction schedule

Compressor Station consisted of 39 modules which included:

  • 530,000 kgs of steel fabricated & assembled
  • 58,000 FDI’s of piping fabricated
  • 3452 Linear Meters of pipe installed, hydrotested & coated
  • Majority of Pipe Installation is 48″ NPS with 26.2 mm WT
  • Installation of Cable tray, Instrument cabling & Heat trace
  • Installation of Building Shells
  • Pre-commissioning