Kirby In-Situ Oilsands Project (West Mechanical)

Project Location

Conklin, AB

Strike Divisions

Project Services, Electrical & Instrumentation

Project Overview

This project involved:

  • Supply and fabrication of 110,000 kg structural steel;
  • Installing 203,000kg of structural steel;
  • Fabrication and testing 40,000 factored diameter inches of piping;
  • Installation of 8,900 meters of piping systems and valves;
  • Field welding 7,700 factored diameter inches of piping tie-ins;
  • Receiving and setting 47 pipe racks, equipment, and electrical modules;
  • Receiving and setting 37 static process equipment packages;
  • Receiving and setting 43 rotating process equipment packages;
  • Epoxy grout rotating process equipment packages; and
  • Commissioning and start up support.