Meikle River Compression Project

Project Location

Manning, AB

Strike Divisions

Project Services, Electrical & Instrumentation

Project Overview

This project involved:

  • 570 steel driven piles (supply / install / cut / cap);
  • 776 cubic meters of concrete foundations;
  • Supplied, fabricated and coated 126,195 kg of structural steel;
  • Installed 126,195 kg of structural steel;
  • Excavated, backfilled and compacted all underground facility piping;
  • Fabricated, installed, tested and coated 35,122 diameter inches of piping, valves and instrumentation (ranging from 1/2” to 42”);
  • 42,585 cubic meters of rough and final site grading, pit run base and finish gravel;
  • 2,533 linear meters of thermal and acoustic insulation; and
  • Coordinating transportation, offload, rough set and final alignment of the following prefabricated buildings and equipment: one 33 MW GE LM2500 turbine compressor package and one field erected compressor building.