Nordegg C6 Unit Addition Project

Project Location

Rocky Mountain House, AB

Strike Divisions

Project Services, Electrical & Instrumentation

Project Overview

The scope for this project involved:

  • 352 cubic meters of concrete foundations;
  • 546 steel driven piles and CIF (supply/install/cut/cap);
  • Supplying, fabrication and coating of 535,000 kg of structural steel and modules
  • Installation of 535,000kg of structural steel and modules
  • Excavation, backfill and compaction for all underground facility piping;
  • Fabrication, installation, testing and coating of 37,042 diameter inches of piping, valves and instrumentation (Ranging from 1/2″ to 48″);The electrical scope of work was comprised of;
  • 1,229 linear meters of insulation; coordinate transportation, off load, rough set;
  • Final alignment of all pre-fabricated buildings, modules and equipment

On the electrical & instrumentation side of this project we fabricated an electrical building, a unit control building and panel, and installed switchgear and MCC.

Our team also:

  • Supplied and installed transformers and distribution panel equipment;
  • Installed owner supplied telecom equipment, flex I/O cabinets, battery banks and integrated UPS system;
  • Supplied and installed cable tray and supports, associated cabling, conduit and wiring, lighting system and controls, HVAC power and controls, life safety end devices, tubing and instrumentation, security keypad, and the building grounding system