Flow Computer Replacement Program

Project Location

Various Locations across Alberta

Strike Divisions

  • Electrical & Instrumentation
  • Field Services

Project Overview

Upgrades to replace obsolete equipment and systems at various locations across Alberta. This includes the replacement of obsolete measurement equipment as well as the repair, replacement, or removal of ancillary equipment to operate the station safely and efficiently. The measurement equipment impacted includes: Flow Computers the ancillary equipment impacted includes Towers, Buildings, Heaters, Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), Thermoelectric Generator (TEG), Batteries, and Probes.


  • TEG to be removed from the instrument building wall and relocated outside the building
  • Removal of existing 24.4m Telecom Tower
  • Replace carbon steel fuel gas tubing to the heater
  • Replace Barton flow computers
  • Addition of a new I.S. barrier panel
  • Replace the existing sample probe with a new standard Insight probe
  • Trenching between instrument building and meter run building to new cabling