Fuel Distribution Terminal

Project Location

Ashcroft, BC (West of Kamloops, BC)

Strike Divisions

  • Industrial Services
  • Field Services
  • Electrical & Instrumentation

Project Overview

We constructed a Tank Farm & Fuel Loading terminal to allow a fuel distributor to expand their capabilities in central British Columbia. This facility will receive and store standard fuels (gasoline and diesel products) as well as biofuel and renewable products with the ability to blend and add fuel additives prior to loading tanker trucks for local distribution. Approximately 2,850 rail cars (299 Million litres) will flow through the terminal annually.


  • 7,000m3 excavated and filled for process areas
  • 1,100m3 of concrete poured
  • 52,000kg Structural Steel Fabrication & Assembly
  • 15,050 Factored Diameter Inches of Carbon Steel Pipe Fabrication
  • 2,900 Linear Meters of Piping Installation and Hydrotesting, 950 Bolted Connections
  • Field Fabrication and Assembly of five 5000BBL Fuel Storage Tanks
  • Tank Farm Containment Wall and Liner System Installation
  • Installation of Equipment
  • 11 x Process Pumps & 11 x 1,000 bbl Storage Tanks
  • 2 Truck Loading Skids, c/w 4 loading arms each
  • 2 Single Sided Truck Loading Skids
  • MCC Building

Check out the final product: