Line 4 VFD Program

Project Location

Herschel, Loreburn and Bethune (Saskatchewan)

Strike Divisions

  • Electrical & Instrumentation

Project Overview

This project was part of a capital enhancement program aimed at modernizing an oil pipeline through investment in Variable Frequency Drives (VFD). The objective of this project was to save costs in the long term by adding the ability to control flow through the pipeline using the speed of the pump and its motor via the new VFDs, as opposed to control from the modulation of the existing Pressure Control Valves (PCV).

Scope included:

  • Civil (excavation, buildup, compaction and grading around VFD pads, and hydro vac for pile holes)
  • Structural (supply and installation of structural steel, and installation of piles)
  • Large equipment installations (install steel rig mats, electrical equipment and VFD buildings by crane)
  • Electrical (ground grids, cable tray, 5kV/power/control cabling, and terminations and testing)

Strike was able to execute on time, under budget, and most importantly incident free!