2023 Sustainability Report

We are proudly launching Strike Group’s 2023 Sustainability Report, with this we have continued our commitment to reviewing and improving our business practices, integrating sustainability into all that we do, and maintaining a strong culture.

Below are some key points mentioned in the report.


  • Reduce our impact on the environment
  • Expand our business in diversified markets
  • Support our people and communities
  • Grow our customer relationships
  • Optimize our business practices
  • Grow long-term value and sustainability


  1. Increased participation in Customer Asset Retirement and Maintenance Programs
  2. Fleet Idle Management
  3. Waste Management & Diversion
  4. Development of Diversity & Inclusion Training
  5. Increased Participation in Customer Pipeline Integrity Programs

As Strike evolves in the Sustainability landscape, we will continually pivot to implement initiatives that will enable us to proactively meet the expectations of industry and society.

As we further educate and encourage our team to be thought leaders and change-makers in this space, we have quickly incorporated action on being good corporate citizens through adding items such as: technology that tracks idle time and emissions on all vehicles and heavy equipment, diversity tracking and reporting capabilities for employees and subcontractors, and technology to make it easier for our employees to access our Safety Program.

— Stephen Smith, CEO


Available here: 2023 Sustainability Report


If you have any inquiries regarding Strike’s 2023 Sustainability Report, please contact Rocco Romano (Manager, Sustainability & Community Relations) at esginfo@strikegroup.ca.