2022 Sustainability Report

We are proudly introducing Strike Group’s inaugural Sustainability Report that formalizes our commitment to sustainability and ESG efforts. With this being our first published report, we are continually learning about the ongoing global ESG movement and as Strike moves forward in this journey our commitment is to continue improving business practices, integrating sustainability in all that we do and maintaining a strong culture.

Below are some key points mentioned in the report.

Overall Sustainability Objectives:

  • Reduce our impact on the environment
  • Expand our business in diversified markets
  • Support our people and communities
  • Grow our customer relationships
  • Optimize our business practices
  • Grow long term value and sustainability

Key Sustainability Initiatives for 2022:

  1. Increase participation in Customer Asset Retirement and Maintenance Programs
  2. Fleet Idle Management
  3. Waste Management & Diversion
  4. Development of Diversity & Inclusion Training
  5. Revise Environmental Policy, and implement Sustainability and Diversity & Inclusion Policies

“Strike has demonstrated leadership in many ESG initiatives, but we also recognize the need for continual improvement and are expanding our efforts to understanding and incorporating all aspects that impact our business, company culture, and the environment.”

— Stephen Smith, President & CEO

Read the Report

Available here: 2022 Sustainability Report


If you have any inquiries regarding Strike’s 2022 Sustainability Report, please contact Rocco Romano (Manager, ESG & Community Relations) at esginfo@strikegroup.ca.

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